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Book Release: A Handbook for my Lover @ Amethyst, Chennai

A Handbook for My Lover book release function, Amathyst, Chennai

‘A Handbook for my Lover’ is a non-fiction book written by Rosalyn D’Mello and published by Harper Collins India. The author was on a book tour across India and released the book in Chennai as well @ The Folly, Amethyst Cafe. I went to the book release event, here are some highlights from there.

  • This is a non-fiction book based on the author’s own experience of a relationship with a man who is almost three decades older than her.
  • He has not read the book yet – or at least that’s what the author says!
  • The content is from a collection of letters written by the author to her lover over six years.
  • The book delves into uncharted territory and attempts to break myths and barriers. It’s an erotica in a poetic language.

Some interesting quotes by the author from the book release event –

“Love is not all roses; it is actually a mess.”

“To me eroticism in literature is about language.”

“There is a certain level of intimacy to fighting as well.”

From the book description – 

A Handbook for my Lover is a poetic, erotic account of two lovers fated to seek refuge in the transient.


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