Actress Kajal Aggarwal Spotted at Gap India store, Chennai?

If you want to see some gorgeous photos of Actress Kajal Aggarwal, you should head over to Google Images. In this post, I am going to enumerate my failed attempt to spot the actress at the Phoenix MarketCity mall, Chennai @ the Gap India store opening ceremony.


The organizers had mentioned that the opening ceremony, attended by Actress Kajal Aggarwal, will be at 10:30 A.M. on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Knowing that VIPs will come late anyway, I went to the premises at 10:50 A.M.

I was right in my assumption – the actress came at around 11 A.M. only, but many fans had surrounded the shop entrance and were eagerly waiting to see her. Because of this, I couldn’t get anywhere near the actress!

Look at the enthusiastic crowd cheering for the actress when she came in (above photo). Embedded below is a video taken just before the actress left the shop, again of the crowd enthusiasm – not the actress herself!

And here’s a better video of the event made by team,


Hmm… 🙂


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