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Actor Karthi @ ‘Tagged’ Book Launch, Odyssey, Adyar


What will happen if you write an English romance novel, and ask the famous Tamil Kollywood Actor Karthi in WhatsApp to launch the book in a bookstore? That’s what a budding author Kaarthika Santosh did and guess what – the actor accepted the request and came for the book launch event at Odyssey book store, Adyar, Chennai, in spite of a tight shooting schedule, today. And he was there ON TIME.

Tagged, published by Half Baked Beans, is the story of SaiPrabhu trying to woo a girl whom he knows only on Facebook. Initially titled Via Facebook, this novel explores his attempts to convince the girl in spite of her not knowing anything about him. Will he be able to win the love of his life, is the story.

The event was organized by Chennai Bloggers Club and Odyssey, and was hosted by Kavipriya Moorthy, an author herself. Many members from the audience, including the author’s husband, cousin sister, CBC members, etc. spoke about the book and the efforts taken by the author in getting it published the traditional way.

Here are some more pics taken by me at the book launch event –



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