A HMT Battery Operated Watch for Sale (HMT is Not available to buy anymore!!)

Hey guys,

I got a beautiful HMT Quartz battery-operated Watch before about ten years as a gift. I have never used it till now, hence the watch looks as good as new. The watch is working normally.

The manufacture of HMT watches have stopped since many years. Hence, wearing this watch will not only enhance your style, but will also project an image of you possessing rare/unique/antique objects, that too in working condition.

There are many fans for HMT watches even now. So don’t miss an opportunity of wearing a watch from a reputed Indian brand that others cannot even hope to buy. It’s unique and exclusive in the true sense. I feel this can be a good choice for a gift too.

Have a look at the gold-colour watch for yourself:


I have decided to sell this watch for Rs. 2000/- + courier charges (if you are outside Chennai). Write to me at www.chennai.buzz@gmail.com if you want to own this unique watch.



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