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Jul. 7-16,’16: The Little Theater Festival @ Museum Theater, Chennai

The Little (Theater) festival, a series of live plays for kids, will be staged at The Museum Theater, Egmore, Chennai from July 7-16, 2016. Here are the plays, dates and timings. Tickets are priced at Rs. 200/- per show and are available to book Online from here.

@1. The Garage Gang – 07 & 08 July @ 11 A.M; 09th July @ 7 P.M. (This play is about a group of ‘wacky’ mechanics and what they learn when they get an ultimatum from their boss to finish all pending work within one hour.)

@2. Two Teeth Button Nose – 12 July @ 9 A.M. and 7 P.M; 13 July @ 11 A.M. (This play is about three brave clowns who set out to retrieve the Two Teeth Button Nose, a precious treasure in clown kingdom, from an evil giant who stole it.)

@3. oOPiCAsSOo production from Germany – 10 July @ 3 P.M. and 11 July @ 10 A.M. (This is a colorful play about two actors/artists and their fantasies when they dip their brush in paint. What happens next?)

@4. South Korea Paper Window – 14 July @ 10 A.M.; 15 July @ 10 A.M.; 16 July @ 6 P.M. (This play is a blend of animation and interactive performance. What happens when performers and audience jump into a White Wall (like sketchbook) which suddenly emerges to Life?)



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