OLA Rentals (Cab on Hourly Package) Launched in Chennai

OLA Cabs has recently launched OLA Rentals in Chennai. (Hourly package with restriction on max. no. of Kilometers.) At the time of writing this article, the price for the packages are as follows:

  • 2 Hours/30 K.M. (max) ~ Rs. 449 (Ola Mini); Rs. 749 (Ola Prime SUV)
  • 4 hours/4o K.M. (max) ~ Rs. 700 (Ola Mini); Rs. 1,000 (Ola Prime SUV)
  • 8 hours/80 K.M. (max) ~ Rs. 1300 (Ola Mini); Rs. 1800 (Ola Prime SUV)

Note: Service tax may be charged extra. Prices may change anytime – check the Rate Card in the Ola App for the latest pricing. 

  • The cab with driver is basically yours for the selected duration and the driver will wait for you in case you have some work in between. You can hop off/hop on and travel in the same taxi instead of having to do a fresh booking again.

I feel this feature is much required as sometimes we need a single cab for going somewhere, finishing the work, and coming back. The normal OLA cab drivers won’t wait (they’ll drop you and go), and sometimes it becomes difficult to get another cab or it takes up time. Besides, asking the driver to wait while you finish the work, and coming back in the same cab is not only convenient but saves a lot of time as well.

OLA Rentals is available on the OLA mobile app – just swipe right at the bottom bar in the screen that shows various options like OLA Micro, Mini, Auto, etc. and you’ll find OLA Rentals just before the last option. (OLA Outstation was also recently launched for traveling inter-city @ Rs. 9 per K.M., at the time of writing this article.)

In my app, I see three options for OLA Rentals: 2 hours/30 K.M., 4 hours/40 K.M. and 8 hours/80 K.M. Hope they’ll add more packages soon.


**Update: OLA is offering a cashback of Rs. 200 (for the 4 hours/40 K.M. package) and Rs. 400 (for the 8 hours/80 K.M.) package, for a user’s first OLA Rentals ride up to 31st Oct. 2016. Go buy this OLA Nearbuy coupon to avail this discount.**


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