31 Jul.’16: Times Soduku Competition Chennai Round

The Times Soduku Competition Chennai round will be held on Sunday, 31 July, 2016. According to their website, there is no cost for participation, and participants can be of any age. To register, one needs to send an SMS to the number mentioned in the linked page.

Three participants from the regional round will be selected to compete in a national round to be held in Mumbai, where they will compete with winners from four regional rounds and the Indian members from the 2015 National Soduku contingent.

Four participants will be selected from the final round and they will get a chance to represent India at the World Soduku Championship 2016 to be held in Senec, Slovakia during October 2016.

Further Information/Participation: Times Soduku. <All information has been taken from the above mentioned link – please verify with the organizers on the information provided here.>


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