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Vinyl Records & Shraddha Sharma @ Phoenix Diva Music Festival

Being a big fan of music, the moment I saw the notification about Diva Music Festival at Phoenix MarketCity – Chennai (on my own website :P), I decided to go. What an awesome decision that was – I was exposed to some excellent songs by new artists in English (Punk) and Hindi (Movie songs). Two bands from North India – Vinyl Records and Shraddha Sharma performed Live. I missed the third – Shaktisree from the South, but it’s OK 🙂

Vinyl Records:


Vinyl Records is an all-girl band from the North East/Delhi – three of their members are from Arunachal Pradesh and the vocalist, Cheyyrian Bark – who is featured in the above photos – is from Assam. They sing English Rock songs in the Punk genre.

Frankly, I listen only to Tamil and Hindi songs, so am not accustomed to this kinda music. But the performance was energetic and the songs were interesting. I like the way the lead singer was able to handle the high pitched parts of her performance – it was simply superb. She brought a lot of energy into the concert.

Here is Vinyl Records Facebook page. Please like it – this was a request from the band thrice during their performance. We can do as much 🙂

Here is one of their songs, Ready Set Go:

Shraddha Sharma:


Shraddha Sharma is a singer from Dehradun and performed with her own band. She sang Hindi songs from Bollywood movies. It seems she became popular at the age of 15 when one of her music videos went viral on Youtube. This singer has an excellent aptitude for singing melodious songs. Her voice is just too good with the slow numbers. But the peppier numbers need some more work or maybe energy.

She also sang the title song from her début album ‘Raastey’ which was initially launched at the 2014 Youtube Fan Fest at Mumbai. The singer says that this song is based on her own journey from a 15-year old girl to the singer/guitarist she is now. Here is the official video of Raastey from Youtube. It’s a nice song – enjoy 🙂

Thanks to Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai for arranging such wonderful musical performances on a lazy Sunday night. Fortunately, it did not rain that evening. I wish the mall’s bike parking charges reduce a bit, but if they continue to bring wonderful performances by artists from across India, I may not mind staying longer and paying that Rs. 50/hour parking fee 😉


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