HouseJoy.in Electrical Services Review

HouseJoy.in is a website/mobile app that allows people in certain cities to book house repair and maintenance services, on demand. Using this app, one can book electricians, plumbers, home cleaners, beauty experts, laundry, pest control, and many other professionals at the date/time we want.

Fed up with calling different local repair people who (if they come at all) come at any time they want, I decided to give housejoy a try. Here is my experience of hiring an electrical service people in Chennai to fix the faulty two-way switches of a fan/light in my room.

I downloaded the android app and selected the service I wanted – Electrical (Others). I booked the service at 11 A.M. and requested the professional to be at home by 3 P.M. The assigned person contacted me at around 1.00 P.M. and asked if he could come home by 1.30 P.M. I agreed.

He was on time and started the work immediately. He removed the switch boards containing the faulty switches and tried fixing it at the switch-level. It didn’t work. Then, he pruned the wires for both the fan and the light and reconnected them. Now it worked.

He recommended that I change the two-way switches (4 nos) and I agreed. There were two more normal switches that were struck and I asked him to change that also. The tube light starter and starter-holder were very loose/broken, hence that needed changing as well. Since the fan was running slow, I asked him if he could change the capacitor – he agreed.

I went and bought the required electrical components while he started removing the switches. By the time I was back, he had removed all the switches and started fixing the new switches and the other components. He asked for a ladder to reach the fan – since we had one, we gave it to him.

The work was done to my satisfaction and he took around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete it. The work was done quick enough.

One issue I found is, unlike UrbanClap, HouseJoy.in doesn’t have standard charges. UrbanClap has a fixed per-hour charge but with HouseJoy, the professional determines how much to charge.

The electrician told me that the company recommends him to collect Rs. 100 for changing one switch but he was charging a ‘lower amount’. He claimed that the amount for individual services are listed on the app/website. But when I visited the site, there were very few services with the recommended amounts, listed. So basically, they have not standardized the amount to be charged for each work. The electrician needs to decide the cost based on the work.

For my work, the electrician charged Rs. 450 as the service charge. I don’t think this is too much for all the work he did, but I don’t feel comfortable on being dependent on the service person to decide the amount.

I asked the electrician if I can call him directly for the next work, he said ‘Call HouseJoy and ask them to assign me’. Good.

Other than the arbitrary pricing, I was satisfied with the service offered by HouseJoy. I will try to call them again and update this review with further experiences.

You can write about your experience with HouseJoy in the comments section below.



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