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Merci is India’s first social brand that offers non-leather alternatives to common leather-based products. Their motto is: Compassion through Fashion. Non-leather handbags come in vibrant colours and textures not available with leather handbags. They are also affordable – you don’t have to feel guilty when you decide to buy another! In this post, let us look at our selection of Top 10 non-leather handbags from Merci, available to buy on

@10. Merci Imelda Cream Bag

This handbag has a very attractive colour and looks stylish. It has three pockets with zippers, two inside and a small one outside. It’s small in size which makes it comfortable to hang. You can put small items like mobile and purse inside easily. Size: 38 x 9 x 21 cm ; Weight: 100 g. (Light weight.)

@9. Merci Handbag (purple)

This bag has an attractive purple colour and has an easy to hold short handle. There is an optional long handle to hang the bag on the shoulder. There are three pockets with zippers, one of them is outside. There is another small personal pocket with zip, inside. The sleeve that hangs outside makes it even more attractive. Size: 36 x 9 x 34 cm ; Weight: 540 g.

@8. Merci Blue Giselle Handbag

This bag has a small and strong handle. For its size, it has good carrying capacity and space. It has three pockets inside, but the middle one is small and can hold thin objects like paper. There is an outer compartment with zip, as well. Size: 38 x 14 x 20 cm ; Weight: 349 g.

@7. Merci Francesca Black Colour Classic Shoulder bag

This bag has a nice shape. There are three compartments and two of them can be opened/closed easily with a button, which is quite different. It has a good amount of storage space. The golden merci logo on the dark tan bag makes the bag look majestic. Size: 28 x 12 x 27 cm ; Weight: 249 g.

@6. Merci Maroon Gina Handbag

This bag has two large independent compartments inside, and one small compartment with zip outside. There is one closed compartment with zip, inside. The handle is not too big, not too small – just the right size! Size: 33 x 10 x 19 cm ; Weight: 299 g.

@5. Merci Gemma Maroon Bag

This bag has four separate compartments with four separate zips, and one zip over a smaller compartment at the back. This is a very useful bag if you want to carry different things in different compartments. Size: 31 x 10 x 29 cm ; Weight: 100 g. (Light weight.)

@4. Merci Tan Ariana N Handbag

This bag comes with five separate packets inside the main compartment. So it is useful to keep things of various sizes separately. It has one long zip at the back also. It has adjustable handle with buckle, so the user can adjust its size based on their comfort. The light brown/dark brown colours gives it a decent look. Size: 38 x 1 x 31 cm ; Weight: 249 g.

@3. Merci Abbey Brown Handbag


This bag has good amount of space to store more things and the adjustable buckle on the side enables one to expand it to store even more. The shape of this bag is different and it looks royal. Size:  30 x 10 x 23 cm ; Weight: 299 g.

@2. Merci Lite Tan Branche Chic Handbag

This bag has a unique and attractive light colour. The fabric is also different. It comes with six pockets within one compartment. If that is not enough, there is another pocket at the back. That makes seven pockets – would you ever want more? 🙂

@1. Merci Gina Brown Hand Held Bag

This affordably priced handbag is a great option for regular use. The handle of this bag is flat and hence is convenient to hang on one’s shoulder. The handle is firmly attached to the bag through stitches and overlock, hence the life of this bag is elongated. It has two large compartments, hence can carry larger items easily. There is also one small pocket at the back to keep papers, money, etc.

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