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Joker – Tamil Movie Review

Joker is a Tamil movie in the social satire genre that makes the viewers smile now and then, but the narrative/storyline is weak. If the movie shows the hopelessness of our democratic system, the climax reinforces it. But the movie is realistic, alright.

We all know how skewed the Govt. mechanism, especially the ones that distribute freebies, works. Joker is the story of a man who is affected by a Govt. offer of constructing a free toilet, but ends losing everything – including his mental stability.

This one man, unwilling to accept the hopelessness of the system, sets about creating a change. Aided by two more people and a lawyer, he fights for justice. What’s more, he considers himself to be the President of India as he thinks only the President is the ultimate authority in the country.

The fighting for justice using social media is very creative. He sends tortoises inside a government office to protest the tortoise-like speed of functioning, he does back-walking, he tries to sit in a glass box with many dangerous snakes. He does many interesting things that he thinks will catch the attention of social media viewers, to highlight social issues.

But the end, much like the entire second-half, is hopelessness. Nothing happens due to these protests, except maybe one case where the affected goat’s owner gets some money – but that too is awarded by the court after much delay. We don’t know if the money actually reaches the person.

‘Indian’ is a good example of movie that highlighted the social evil of corruption, had a good narrative, and also gave us hope in the end. ‘Evano Oruvan’ is another example where hopelessness of the systems is highlighted, but the storyline is gripping. Here, except for the initial comic scenes and a fresh love story, there is nothing much for the viewers.

That makes me wonder who is the joker. The viewer who spent so much money on tickets, petrol, parking, snacks??

That said, no one — including us — left the movie hall before the ending. Perhaps people want to go through this emotion (of hopelessness) too, at times! But this movie is not for me, now.

If you expect humor/entertainment or at least a good storyline, you might as well skip this movie. If you like to shed tears at the apathy of the system and keep wondering at the hopelessness of it all, don’t miss – this movie is for you.


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