Urban Clap & Waf O Bel Bloggers Meet


So, today I went to a bloggers meet organised by Chennai Bloggers Club for Urban Clap at Waf O Bel, Off Harrington Road (the lane opp. french loaf), Chennai.

Urban Clap is an on demand hiring app for home maintenance services personnel like electricians, plumbers, beauticians, etc.


Waf O Bel is the place to go if you want Belgian waffles in Chennai, among others.


Mahesh, Sindhu and Bragadeesh Prasanna, the administrators of Chennai Bloggers Club, organised this meet for CBC. Mahesh gave a presentation on the achievements of Chennai Bloggers Club, along with few photos taken during the previous meets.


This was followed by a presentation and Q & A by Pughal of #UrbanClap.


Then we tasted the famous Belgian waffles at Waf O Bel, our host for the day. The cream was sweet, but the Belgian chocolate was slightly bitter. The combination created an interesting snack. They are trying to make vegan waffles it seems – isn’t that cool? I also drank three glasses of iced tea – it was nice 🙂


This was followed by a few games organised by the ever enthusiastic Prason. Of course, I didn’t win any prizes 🙂


Isn’t that doll with the pile of books CUTE? 🙂 We were all given a compliment – a porcelain mug and a sticker, from Urban Clap before leaving. It was nice to see blogger friends after a long time. I also made new friends at this meet 🙂



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