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Vegetarian Options @ CP Five Star (Chicken) Outlets


Today we had a bloggers meet with the team @ CP Five Star Chicken which will shortly get rebranded as CP Five Star, in India. Five Star Chicken is a part of Thai multinational conglomerate – CP Foods, with over $13 Billion sales in agro and food industry, globally. According to the company, they are the world’s largest feed manufacturing & shrimp/prawn processing company in the world; and one among top 5 companies for poultry (chicken).

Five Star Chicken has strong presence in Asia/Asia-Pac with over 7000 outlets; and in India alone they have 350+ outlets spread across South India. They have a huge poultry production and processing facility at Budigere, near Bangalore and in Chittoor, in Andhra Pradesh.

Their Chennai operations started in 2014 and they have around 6 direct outlets + 20 franchises here. They are open to applications for more franchise applications.


In today’s bloggers meet, they served both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items from their menu. Since I am a vegetarian, I ate only the Veg. items. The first one was the magic cutlet (shown above) – this tastes fine with sauce.


These are Jalapeno nuggets with cheese and corn. They have corn cheese nuggets as well. This is one of the best dishes I tasted today – don’t hesitate to eat them if you are in the mood for a quick snack.


This is the vegetable biriyani which they recently introduced targeting people who want quick lunch. This is nice, but would have been better with a side-dish like onion raitha. The finger chips/french fries, a standard fare, is available here also.


We tasted their Veg. Mix Burger – the patty is one of the best I have tasted till now. It’s very good. Their bun is also soft and fresh. I hope they introduce a low-calorie veg. burger without cheese in the future.


This is their Aloo Tikki – a simple snack for the evenings. The 5 Star shown here is not theirs, it’s Cadbury’s. It’s here because it makes an interesting prop for decoration – don’t get confused 🙂


These two carbonated beverages – Five Star Simply Squeezed Masala Nimbu and Green Apple have a lot of potential to challenge the Pepsis and Cokes of the market. Don’t miss.


At last we tasted their two signature side dishes – The chocolate samosa and ‘choco volcano’ 🙂 While there was nothing remarkable about the chocolate samosa, the choco volcano was scooped up fully by all the bloggers. The ‘choco volcano’ is primarily a wheat-based vanilla cake with chocolate sauce inside it – the combination is simply superb. Don’t even think of missing it 😀

For Non-Veg eaters, the Thai Crispy and Crunchy Masala (Chicken) are the most popular non-veg items on their menu. The Crunchy Masala is especially popular in Chennai, it seems.

In addition to their outlets, you can also order Five Star Chicken items from home delivery websites like swiggy, zomato, food panda, etc. They are registered with IRCTC Catering – hence you can order your meal as you book online train tickets in select railway stations, including Chennai. They are also open to catering for corporate functions, birthday parties, etc.

Here is a list of CP Five Star outlets with addresses and ph.nos in Chennai.


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