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Actor Kamal Haasan’s New Blog & Twitter Handle

Actor Kamal Haasan has started a new blog in Blogger/blogspot yesterday (Sept. 1, 2016). Have a look at the blog from the below link:

Kamal Haasan already has a Twitter handle: @ikamalhaasan with more than 2,77,000 followers on the day I wrote this post. According to his blog post, he seems to have started a blog has he wanted more characters to express his feelings and opinions, than the 140 characters that Twitter currently offers.

His first blog post is about his recent leg injury – how he fell on his office terrace and the treatment at Apollo. He had already informed about it on Twitter and the press has covered it, but he wanted to write his own account and feelings about the incident in order to dispel any doubts fans might have.

I hope the great actor, a Chevalier awardee now, writes more blog posts in the future also to keep his fans informed and engaged. On blogs, fans can write comments (after every blog post) in order to express their opinions and feelings, and it is enabled on Kamal Sir’s blog too.

Check out Kamal sir’s blog and go write a comment!


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