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A Mobile App that shows how a Caller is Connected to You – Qikonnect

Qikonnect is an Android app (iOS app is in private beta) that will tell you how you are connected with a caller whose number you don’t know yet. It will show you with whom in your contacts that person is connected to (if any), and at which level – friend of a friend, for example. Up to 4 levels of connection info can be unlocked.

So, when you receive a call from an unknown number, within a couple of seconds you can decide whether to take that call or not, esp. if you are doing something important while receiving the call. Both you and the caller should have installed the app beforehand, for this to work.

‘Search’ is another interesting feature of this app. You can search by name, phone no., profession or company name. For example, when you search by phone no, the app will tell you who in your contacts list is connected to that person. When you search by company name, the app will tell you who in your contact list is connected to someone in that company. If you want a website developer, you can use the app to find a person in that profession who is connected to one of your contacts.

Qikonnect also offers an API platform for service providers. Matrimony sites, for example, can show how and through whom the bride is connected to the bridegroom. This can be useful for verification and background check. Classified sites can similarly show common connections between a seller and a prospective buyer.

In the future, they are planning to integrate their technology with e-commerce service providers. So, before buying an expensive item, you can check the experience of someone in your connections, if they have already bought it.

I have not yet installed this app in my phone, but I feel the concept/idea behind it is interesting. I met the co-founder of this company yesterday at the YourStory Techsparks 2016 Chennai event. Since they are a startup from Chennai I thought why not spread the word. Once I use the app, I’ll try to write a detailed review.

Here is a quote from the Co-founder of the company, Mr. Pandiarajan – “QiKonnect will change the way people connect, communicate, transact, and buy things in the near future.”

I wish the team all the very best.

Further Information: Qikonnect website; Android Play Store.


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