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Broadcast Online using IVB7

IVB7 is a Chennai-based company that enables customers to broadcast video online, even live, using a cloud-based Content Delivery Network (CDN). I met their representative at the recently concluded International Camera Fair 2016 at Chennai Trade Center and they say that they have the technology (hardware and software) to deliver/broadcast live video Online even to consumers with low-bandwidth as they support H.264 compression.

IVB7 enables interactive web-based live streaming, live chat, and even two-way video conferencing. Their products include webcasting devices, receiving devices, webcasting portal. They also have a webstreamer that can stream videos at multi-bit rates and from different video files.

More Information: IVB7.COM

Disclaimer: This website is not associated with the above company in any way. This post is only for information, it is not a recommendation. Since this is a Chennai-based company, I thought why not write about them in my blog and spread the word. 


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