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Learn Photography Basics & Lightroom Editing Basics in Chennai

Self Proclaimed Photographer ( is organizing regular classes on photography basics, lightroom editing basics and photo walks on weekends in Chennai.

I met the people behind this initiative at the recently concluded International Camera Fair 2016 in Chennai Trade Center. They told me that these courses are more for beginners and amateur photographers who want to learn the basics of photography so that they can take basics properly and make the best use of their camera.

You can have a look at the topics to be covered (from the above links) to get an idea about the course curriculum. It seems they conduct these classes over the weekend near Gopalapuram. They also told me that they don’t admit more than 10 students per batch in order to increase the individual attention. The contact details are available on their website.

So, if you are interested to learn more about photography basics in Chennai, you might want to consider attending one of these classes. Yes, you ought to know the basics of light, ISO, shutter speed, etc. in order to take good photographs. It’s not enough if you just buy a DSLR!

PS: This website is not associated in any way with the organization or courses mentioned here. These posts are just for your information and are not recommendations. 


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