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Rent DSLR, Movie Cameras & Lenses in Chennai: Filmify is a website that provides DSLR, Video & Movie Cameras, and Camera Lenses, for rental in Chennai. The advantage of renting expensive camera equipment is obvious – you can try to use different cameras and lenses based on your application, only when you need it, without a huge upfront investment.

I met the representatives of the company at the recently concluded International Camera Fair 2016 at Chennai Trade Center. They say that their website provides the availability details of each equipment and that they follow standard pricing structure. It seems, they also provide two-way shipping (delivery and pickup) once you complete your order online.

I had a look at their website and they seem to hold a good inventory. Next time you plan to buy an expensive camera that you are going to use occasionally, or a new lens for a particular application – think again. You maybe able to rent it instead of outright purchase!


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