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Decoration with Bakery Items @ AAHAR 2016 Expo, Chennai

Here are some innovative decorations with bakery items (bun, cake, etc.) displayed at a contest organized in conjunction with the recently concluded AAHAR 2016 exhibition at Chennai Trade Center, Nandambakkam. I wonder how many hours of work went into each as some of them look almost like sculptures! I guess most of these decorations were done by students at hotel management colleges or interns at leading hotels of Chennai, India. Enjoy 🙂

bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-1 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-2 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-3 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-4 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-5 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-6 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-7 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-8 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-9 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-10 bakery-products-decoration-aahar-chennai-11



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