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Movie Review: Pichaikkaran (2016) Tamil Film

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Pichaikkaran (2016) is a Tamil action/sentiment movie directed by Sasi starring Vijay Antony, Satna Titus. This is a well-made movie with a different story/concept – if you have not watched it until now, see it soon 🙂

The director says that the story is based on a real-life story of a businessman who used to manage business for 6-months and beg for alms for the remaining 6-months in a year, to pray for his mother’s recovery. I am interested to know more about that real-life story – why can’t someone release it as a book?

In this movie, the hero – a multi-millionaire mill owner’s son, takes to the streets to beg for alms following the advice of a Godman, as a last resort to save his mother’s life after the medical fraternity fails to revive her from a coma. He has to beg for alms every day and donate that money to the Temple hundi at the end of the day. Not only that, he cannot disclose his real identity to anyone.

The challenges faced by the hero are shown in a realistic way – I liked that in the movie. The love story is not believable and so is the overnight success of the pizza shop! The one-man-wins-it-against-many fight scenes, although entertaining, is not realistic.

The sentiment in this movie works. Strange, but it does. The film didn’t bore me even for a second. I had a difficult time choosing when to go to the restroom! The screenplay is gripping and the songs add to the emotions. We did not skip any song and the Gayatri mantra BGM was like the cream on the cake. Thankfully not many ‘messages’ or ‘preachings’ were directed at the viewers.

Overall, a good movie to watch during the weekend if you like different and bold script/storyline. The movie attempts to be realistic, I wish it had succeeded in its attempt.


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