20 Sep.’16: Sri Krishna Sweets Mysurpa Day Offer (Double Qty)

As you all may know, Sri Krishna Sweets is famous for their Mysore pa or Mysore pak, as some call it. Today, 20th Sep. 2016, on ‘Mysore pa Day‘ as claimed by the company, they are offering the same quantity of mysore pa that you buy, for free.

So, if you buy 0.5 Kg, you’ll get another 0.5 Kg of mysorepa for free.

If you buy 1 Kg, you’ll get another 1 Kg of mysorepa for free.

The company says that this offer is available across all their branches in Chennai, and maybe elsewhere too. Go try your luck as in a few branches the mysore paks seem to be out of stock already! I’ll also try in a nearby branch here 🙂

Further Information: Facebook post by the company; Facebook photo by a user.


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