OLA Cabs App now accepts Credit Card payments after the ride

I got a mail from OLA cabs yesterday that they now accept payment through credit cards for their android app. The credit card info needs to be stored once in the app, and then payment through the credit card can be made after each ride is completed.

The advantage is obvious: you don’t have to take cash every time you hire an OLA cab. There is also OLA Money which offers a similar cashless payment option. But while OLA money is a prepaid option and one has to store more money than they estimate beforehand, payment through credit card is a post-paid option where the rider can pay the exact money after each ride.

On the limitations front, you need a working mobile Internet connection on the phone where ever you go, and there maybe some transaction fees (in addition to the ride fee) that your credit card provider might charge for each ride. You may need to update your app (esp. if you haven’t updated it in a while) to see the new features, including this credit card payment option.

Here are the screenshots that show how to enable credit card payment –

On your OLA app, click the three lines on the top-left-corner of your screen to open the menu –

OLA Cabs credit card payment - 1

 In the list of options that appear, select ‘Payments’.

OLA Cabs - credit card payment - 2

In the screen that appears, look for the ‘Add a credit/debit card’ option at the bottom of the screen and click that.

OLA cabs - credit card payment - 3

Now enter your card details and save it. I guess, after the ride, you’ll be given an option to pay with the saved card, and you may have to authorize the app by requesting and entering an OTP.

  • Alternatively, or if the above method doesn’t work, you can load money on Ola Money using your credit/debit cards beforehand and make payments using that. If you have OLA Money balance, your ride charges will be auto detected once you reach the destination. So this method is faster and safer.



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