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PINK – Bollywood Movie Review

Movie Trailer:

PINK is a Hindi movie starring Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and Andrea in the main roles. It’s primarily a serious courtroom drama about three women who get into an altercation with four guys over a misunderstanding and an attempted sexual assault.

Review: Go watch it in the theater once. This movie is realistic and different from ‘populist’ Bolly-fare.

The director has succeeded in creating a gripping storyline right from the beginning to the end – I was anxious about what will happen next, almost throughout! The movie is realistic – that’s another plus. It is unique – the movie maker needs to be appreciated for taking up a different theme.

However, although the dialogues and the situations created are believable, I felt like listening to a lecture — at times. I mean, I am not averse to having a message in the story, but the message should not be the only goal of the story! In this movie it is, and I think it’s a drawback that makes this movie less engaging than what it might have been otherwise.

Amitabh Bachchan has given another excellent performance in this movie as well. The three leading women characters have also executed their parts well. The lawyer representing the men was the best actor, in my opinion. The lady inspector could have been slightly more authoritative and the Judge could have been slightly less sentimental. How about a corrupt or an egoistic Judge – that might have introduced interesting complications.

Although the movie is all about the message, the story has been given equal importance – I am glad about that. The reason why AB wanted to fight this case on behalf of the girls, or why he left his legal practice earlier has not been covered – I wish a little bit of his history could have helped.

PINK is an attempt to break the double-standards that exists in the society, and a good attempt at that. However, I feel, the movie is still one-sided as it tries to establish one side as ‘right’ and the other side as ‘wrong’. The real meat, IMO, is in the greys – on both sides. This movie attempts to explore some of that grey area, but could have done a better job at that.

Generalizing that a group of people are all right or all wrong is not a great idea, I feel. There are always different types of people in all groups.

PINK is a progressive movie with a well-conveyed message, but it too serious. It sorely misses a few lighter moments now and then. I feel you can watch it once – in the theater. We need more such experimental films.


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