My Startup Idea: Marriage & Event Attendees ‘Service’

I generally get startup ideas on a daily basis. But I forget them on the next day. I got one today also – but before I forget this *brainwave*, I want to record it. So here it is –

A (paid) service that offers attendees for marriages, functions and even corporate events, especially in cities. 

One of the major problems in the cities, especially for people who organize functions like marriage or for companies that organize (public) events, is – finding who wants to participate, inviting them, and making sure the (over enthusiastically booked large) event hall is full of people.

If you thought that was a simple task, just organize any event or function and you’ll know the pain. On the top of that, people who come don’t have a major role to play in these events – the numbers are mostly required to show off influence/connections to other (close) attendees who matter.

In fact there are many families who absolutely hate (some of) their relatives but are forced to carry a sweet smile while meeting them, as otherwise those relatives will not come to their functions in protest! Imagine how difficult that should be – I mean, maintaining the sweet smile 😛

Instead of struggling for days, months or even years maintaining relationships just so that they can attend your functions, what if you have an option of getting many attendees instantly (on a short notice) from a company whose business is sending people to attend events?

Let’s assume you are organizing your son’s/daughter’s marriage. The other side has mustered 800 attendees but your number is around 300. You don’t have to worry – just call or book the ‘attendee service’ Online and they’ll send you 700 more people on a week’s notice.

How COOL izzz that? 😀

I know what you are thinking – how will that company manage to get so many people on a short notice?  Simple – the company will already have created a database of people living in the same city who are *bored* on weekends. If they don’t go out, they are going to sleep, binge eat or drink excessively.

These people will all be sent an invitation, from which the early respondents will be chosen. What more? They can have free food in the marriage hall without giving any gift. But they can pack an empty box with a one or two bricks and wrap it in a gift cover and give, just to increase the gift size & count – if the organizer wants. Of course, there will be an extra charge for this ‘dummy gift service’.

The ‘service’ provider will charge a small amount of money per head. Let’s say Rs. 50. If a marriage wants 300 people, that’s a neat Rs. 15000/- earned in a single day by just connecting two groups of people who desperately want to be connected!

If you look at this business idea more closely, you’ll realize why this is a win-win-win situation for everyone involved 🙂

Howz #MyStartupIdea? 🙂

BTW — this time serious — if you are looking for a startup community for inspiration and guidance in India, check out Start Guru.



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