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Aathichuvadi Song (Modern Version) by Shisha Productions

Shisha Productions has released a beautiful and modern version of Aathichuvadi, originally sung by Avvaiyar as a collection of short quotes on how to live, in alphabetical order, where each line starts with one unique Tamil character.

I am sure most of us remember ‘Aram seyyia virumbu, aaruvathu sinam’, etc. and I guess these quotes are in the text-book of every student studying the Tamil language.

Shamroz Khan has produced and composed the modern version of the Aathichuvadi song as a private music album. The theme is inclusivity. The music, voice, video, etc. is excellent, to say the least. I am sure kids (and adults) will love this version of Aathi Chuvadi.

Embedded below is The Aathichudi Movement single by Shamroz Khan and Sivaranjini Das. Enjoy 🙂

Here is the link to Shisha Productions website. Click the link if you want to learn more about this song or listen to other songs released by them. Do share and support this nice effort.


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