19-21 Oct.’16: MilkyWay “Weight Discount Offer”

MilkyWay Ice creams & fast food centers in Chennai has come up with an interesting offer applicable from 19 Oct. to 21 Oct. 2016. (Wednesday to Friday.)

They are giving ‘weight discount offer’ where the discount percentage varies based on the weight of the customer. On these three days, they are offering 50% of a customer’s weight as a discount. So, if you weigh 60 Kg you can expect to get 30% discount on the bill!

According to their Facebook page, this discount is applicable only for MilkyWay registered members. It seems their membership card costs Rs. 100 and offers 10% discount on their outlets for a year. (Please check the cost and T&C of the card from the staff in their outlets before buying one.) So, if you are already a MilkyWay member or if you plan to become one now, you can plan to avail the offer. Here is the list of MilkyWay outlets.

At last, some benefit for people who are over-weight. If you weigh 200 Kgs or more, you may be applicable for 100% DISCOUNT!! Check it out 😛

Further Information: Facebook poster.


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