Sri Krishna Sweets Deepavali Special: Karupatti Cake & Laddu

Sri Krishna Sweets, the sweets chain famous for its mysorepa and other sweets, has released a new sweet/cake as Deepavali special: Karupatti laddu/cake.

According to the photo released by the company page on Facebook, this sweet/cake is made of millet and uses palm sugar, instead of artificial sugar, as sweetener. These are sold in pre-packaged boxes and each box has 5 pieces. Cost is around Rs. 200 per box.

The Karuppatti sweet/cake is Sri Krishna Sweets’ Deepavali special treat. You can buy it from their shops or, if it has been added, from their online store also.

Further Information: Facebook poster.


  1. Certain branches of Sri Krishna Sweets, including Venkatanarayana Road, Ashok Nagar, Adyar, Mylapore, Velachery, etc. will be open for 48 hours non-stop for this Deepavali. (27th Oct. 6 A.M. to 29th Oct. 6 A.M.) What’s more? If you shop from 10 P.M. to 5 A.M., you are also eligible for a 10% happy hours discount!
  2. Sri Krishna Sweets has come out ith Diwali Bakshanam special tin box with special sweets and karas including Adhirasam, Maa Laddu,Thiratti pal, Kai Murukku, special mixture, assorted ghee sweets. Gifts you can find with this pack includes: Ganga water, Vasanai podi, Herbal oil, Diwali legiyam & Prasadham. There are other Diwali special gift boxes and coupons too. (Info taken from their facebook post.)
  3. They are offering a VIP Special Box for Rs. 5000. Here is the picture showing the items you’ll find in it.


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