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Wishlist: Lenovo Vibe K4 Note (Advantages & Limitations)

I sooo WANT to buy this phone – Lenovo Vibe K4 Note, mainly for its multimedia capabilities and excellent front-facing stereo speakers. I love music and need good quality speakers with good volume on a smart phone. (I don’t want to be struck with headphones all the time.) Sadly, this has become a rarity nowadays as makers don’t focus on the audio (speaker) capabilities of their phones.

Except the Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Wooden Edition.

That’s good enough a reason for me to buy this phone, but I want to research other advantages/limitations before taking that big decision.

First, let’s look at some Important Specifications:

  • Model: Lenovo Vibe K4 Note
  • 5.5″ Full HD Screen, 400 PPI
  • Octa-Core MediaTek MT6753 processor, 1.3 Ghz per core
  • 3 GB RAM, 16 GB Internal storage
  • Dual-SIM + Micro SD Card
  • 3300 mAH battery
  • 4G LTE support; 802.11 AC WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, USB OTG, GPS
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Dual front-facing speakers with Dolby Atmos technology
  • 158 grams weight

Advantages of Lenovo Vibe K4 Note:

  • Two SIM card slots (Both 4G capable) + Additional Storage slot. It’s good that the phone doesn’t use hybrid storage (one sim card slot as storage or SIM card) because the internal storage is already just 16 GB and I will need the external memory for expansion. This phone allows me to use all three internal  slots simultaneously.
  • It’s got a Fingerprint Sensor for security. The phone screen will unlock after you place your fingerprints (instead of password, etc.). Not sure if I’ll use this feature, but it’s good to have. It seems you can store up to two fingerprints.
  • Dual Front Stereo Speakers – The main reason why I am buying this phone, wohooo 🙂 And I hope the Dolby Atmos isn’t just a branding thing and actually gives better sound output. From my research, I guess it will.
  • Gorilla Glass for protection and ease of use. Much needed.
  • 3300 mAH battery. I know this is not enough for some of you. But it’s more than sufficient for my requirements. The included 10W charger will charge the battery quickly.
  • 5.5″ LARGE Full HD screen. Frankly, I’d have preferred a 5″ screen for easy carry-ability and single-handed usage, but 5.5″ is great for watching movies and Youtube videos.
  • 3 GB RAM. The 1 GB RAM of my current Mi2 phone in itself is an over-kill for my applications!
  • The phone supports the latest and the fastest 802.11ac WiFi. If you have a matching router, then even better. (Time to upgrade my router – I guess!)
  • VR (Virtual Reality) compatible out of the box. Maybe I will buy one good VR headset eventually, to watch movies in the theater effect.
  • Some gesture controls: Double tap to wake the screen, press volume button to take a photo, flip to lock phone, etc. Very useful.
  • Fingerprint sensor can also work as a camera shutter button and some other controls. Maybe useful – let’s see.
  • There is a notification LED on the front. I need this.
  • Lenovo claims there are three microphones which can catch sounds while recording podcasts or videos.
  • The dialer/camera can be launched directly from the lock screen. Time saving.
  • A floating bar with custom icons can be launched from any page and different scenes can be programmed based on our application. Sounds cool.
  • You can store compatible apps on the SD card. Needed.
  • FM Radio with recording – but is this legal?
  • Comfort mode to protect the eyes during long usage. Much needed.
  • Smart brightness can adjust brightness based on the ambient light. If it works, good.
  • It seems we can set different caller tunes and message tones for the two SIM cards. Nice.
  • Scheduled power on and off. Automatic – Daily. Good.
  • Security zones enable us to set up two separate accounts with separate apps, settings, etc. One for work, one for personal, maybe. Or one for each person.
  • Under-clocked processor may reduce performance but results in less heating. Useful for me.
  • The default theme looks really nice. Best for lazy ppl. who will not strain to change their themes, like me 🙂
  • This special Wooden edition comes with a wooden back cover with manufacturer branding. Excellent differentiator from all other phones that look so similarly white or black!!

Limitations of Lenovo Vibe K4 Note:

  • Plastic body. But I hope the plastic is durable enough to hold the phone together through its life. My present phone made of plastic has been fine. I don’t care about the premium looks/feel of a metal.
  • Battery is not user-replaceable. Why o why? How will I set right a hanged phone then??
  • MediaTek processor instead of Snapdragon. I don’t have a problem with the make as far as it can handle my simple tasks which I think it will. I am not a gamer. If you are, do reconsider.
  • 16 GB internal storage. OK, this is a bit less but I guess I will buy a 8/16 GB MicroSD card when I need more space.
  • Although both SIM cards support 4G, only one can run 4G at a given time. But why would I want to run 4G on both slots simultaneously?
  • A basic photo app. Now photography enhancement is something Lenovo should take more seriously in the future. Other phones in this range have some fantastic photography features. I hope the low-light performance of the camera is decent – that’ll be a big plus. Why not at least include a selfie flash on the front cam? I guess it maybe a good idea to download the official google camera app or Camera+ app by KVAD.
  • The capacitive buttons on the bottom are not backlit. Am used to them not being backlit, so not an issue.


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