Personalized Silver & Bronze Gift Items in Chennai

Don’t you think personalized gift items made out of silver/bronze would be a great idea to make a lasting impression? It’s different from regular gifts people expect to receive and silver plates have resale/exchange value. Have a look at a few Silver plates with outline of Gods’ images embossed on them, designed and sold in Chennai by my cousin brother Hemanth Kumar –


Actually these are removable silver plates cut in the shape of common Hindu Gods. They are placed inside a transparent plastic stand to make them stand upright on a table, floor, pooja room, etc. The weight of the silver plate has been indicated behind the plate. Here is a picture of one of the silver plates that has been removed and placed outside the stand –


My cousin says he can also make custom outlines/designs in silver based on an image/photo you might have. Or you can buy standard items that are already available with him. As you can see in the above picture, the name of the God or a salutation (as per your preference) can also be written below the image.

That’ll make a nice general gift that you can give anybody. But what if you want to personalize the gift to the person whom you plan to gift? For example, how about giving your friend a small bronze plate containing the outline of his/her photo and their name written below that? Have a look at a few such unique personalized gifts in bronze made for others by my cousin –


These items are similar to the above silver ones, except that here you can choose the photo and name that will be embossed onto the bronze plate. Don’t you think that’ll make your gift memorable and unique?

If you are in Chennai and you want to buy personalized silver/bronze items similar to the ones shown above, you can contact my cousin Hemanth Kumar @ 9884222431. His home-cum-office is located at T.Nagar, the shopping hub of Chennai.


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