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Dora: Tamil Movie Review (Watchable, but Predictable)

Dora is a Tamil movie released in 2017 starring Nayanthara. You can watch it once, but it is not even half as interesting or scary as Maya. Also, the storyline is very predictable, which kinda makes the movie boring. Somehow, the makers succeeded in making me watch the full movie – I give the credit to them for that.

This is not a horror film. It just won’t scare you – how much ever you try. You can even take kids with you to watch the film. It’s a revenge film with some paranormal elements thrown in.

I think, a ghost car possessed with the aathma of a dog is the first in the Tamil movie industry. Maybe it’s the first in any language! Besides, this ghost ‘works’ only if the car is switched on. Talk about ghost-automobile collaboration 🙂

The story goes like this: Nayan starts a call taxi company with one car (!) and that car is possessed with the ghost of a dog which wants to avenge the death of its owner. Irrespective of who sits in the driver’s seat, once the dog ghost sniffs the bad guys, it takes control of the car and starts driving and revenging in its own style. The ghost in this movie is even capable of deleting CCTV footage!

I don’t understand why the police get involved in this movie, especially since the ghost is capable of meting punishment by itself. There is a minor role for the police but that role has been done well by the police inspector.

Needless to say, Nayan has portrayed her role very well, but this is not a “mass” lady heroine movie as many fans claim. Besides, this movie is ultra-predictable. We know what is going to happen in the climax, so we just wait to see the obvious.

I feel the script could have been stronger. The movie is still watchable once – in theater, but I feel it could’ve been much better.


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