Android App for Weekend Events @ Chennai

I have published a new Android app called Weekend Events @ Chennai. The app is a companion to this website (http://chennai.buzz) and you can download it from the below link,


For now, the list of events that gets published on this website and is being sent to your email every weekend (if you are following this blog via email) will be available on the mobile app also. Going forward, I am planning to put up exclusive offers and content on the app.

The current app titled Chennai.buzz (same name as this website) will shortly be removed from the Google Play store. So, even if you have the older app on your phone, you might want to delete it and download this new one.

There will not be a weekend events listing mail/post this week. It is expected to recommence from next week onwards. Please feel free to comment below if you have any feedback.

Thanking you,

Rajesh K


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