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Gaana Praba’s Song for Dhanush’s 2017 Birthday

Gaana Praba’s gaana song to celebrate Tamil Actor Dhanush’s birthday (2017) has recently been released in Youtube (Song embedded above). This song has been produced by Thiruvalluvar Mavatta Dhanush Narpani Mandram.

Singer: Gana Praba; Lyrics: Kalakkal Gana Francis; Music: Sabesh Solomon.

Direction & Editor: Harish TIFI.

It’s a nice catchy song and they have even interspersed a few scenes/dialogues by Dhanush in between. I enjoyed the song very much.

Sample the lyrics that start like this – “Dagalti Magati Dabba-aana Dangamari; National Award-ellam vanginaru andhamaari..” Well, you can listen to the song to enjoy the rest of the lyrics 🙂

Now, “Indian Bruce Lee” Dhanush is new to me 🙂

BTW, Dhanush’s birthday is on 28th July 1983, according to his Wikipedia page.


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