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VIP2: Somewhat OK movie, Climax sodhappal!


Velayilla Pattadhari 2 (VIP2) Tamil Movie Review in one line: Somewhat OK movie, Climax sodhappal.

Frankly, I did not go to a Dhanush movie expecting a Mani Ratnam. Nowadays, we cannot even go to Mani’s movies expecting that!! For a Dhanush movie, if you look at only the entertainment factor – some heroism, some punch dialogues, some humor, some fights, etc., the movie is somewhat OK. We did laugh during some scenes and did not feel bored during any part of the movie, except maybe the climax.

But if you expect a good story, characterization, emotions, etc. obviously this movie is not for you. Why select Kajol when Sornakka would have suited this role better, is beyond me! 😛 And I don’t even want to get to the climax.

Not-that-much-of-a-Disclaimer: Climax-la தல பேசியே எல்லாத்தையும் முடிச்சிட்டாரு!! நிஜமான தலைவரால கூட இதை பண்ணி இருக்க முடியாது! 🙂

Cast: Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul, Samudrakani, Vivek.

Story/Dialogues: Dhanush.

Screenplay/Direction: Soundarya Rajnikanth.

Music: Sean Roldan.

Movie Trailer

Verdict: Watchable once, if you don’t take movies (or life) too seriously 😉


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