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Song on Poster-Free Chennai for Madras Day 2017

Rahul The Indian Photography Youtube channel has released a song to promote a poster-free Chennai for this Madras Day 2017. I have embedded the song below,

Music: Yathish Mahadeva, Vikram Selma.
Singer: Anitha Udeep, Harshita Ramesh.
Artist: Preethy Karan.

The concept and idea of depicting Chennai as a person is interesting. Would we stick a poster on our brothers/sisters? Obviously not. Chennai, similarly, is a living entity holding many lives in its womb. Why do we not think twice before sticking posters for any and every occasion, all over the city? That’s the message this team has sought to convey and they have conveyed it effectively, I think.

The upbeat music suits this song. The camera and editing are very good. The best thing, of course, is the core concept and message behind this song. Not sure how many poster stickers and their employers’ & contractors this will reach, but any attempt to create a change in a creative way should always be encouraged and shared. That’s why this blog post from me.


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