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S.P.Y.D.E.R Movie Review

Spyder movie review in one line: If you like thriller-horror-fantasy genre, you’ll love this movie. But if you expect realism, I guess this is not so much for you!

AR Murugadoss seems to have made this movie more for the Telugu audience than Tamil audience. One classic example is the songs that are forced at perfectly inappropriate timings. There is one duet even when the hero has just woken up in the hospital after suffering a grave injury!

That said, the movie is a good entertainer that doesn’t have much boring moments.

A few things that stood out were the theme park fight, evacuation of the kidnapped house members using neighboring house women and the final hospital scenes. It’s clear that a lot of work has gone in creating these scenes.

Even for a thriller-horror genre, the number of killings seems a bit too much.

This is a Mahesh Babu film that will not disappoint Mahesh Babu fans. SJ Surya’s acting performance also stood out. But all other characters including Bharat and RJ Balaji have not been used to their potential. I guess it’s still ok. Mahesh Babu towers them all! 🙂

Do watch S.P.Y.D.E.R Tamil movie in the theater. You’ll be overwhelmed. And that’s an understatement 🙂


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