How I sold my Old Laptop & How you can do it Hassle-free!

Before I tell you how I sold my old laptop, I want to tell you how to sell your used laptop. Just visit Cashify.in website and sell it quick and hassle-free.

Now let me tell you how I sold my laptop before a couple of years on one of the online classifieds websites. If you read my story you’d automatically understand (through my experience) on why it’s better to choose simpler and easier alternatives.

Mine was a Toshiba Laptop and it was in good working condition even after 4-5 years of continuous usage. I can’t say that for the battery as its capacity had waned over time, but the Laptop itself was fine and did not give me any performance issues, maybe because it was running on Linux Mint back then. Also, it had one of the best keyboards and mouse I’ve ever worked on.

So actually I didn’t want to sell my laptop. But what to do, I wanted to install a few software programs that were available only for Windows. Hence, after a long period of gestation, I finally decided to buy a new laptop and simultaneously listed my old one on an online classifieds website.

The new one arrived promptly after a couple of days. Little did I anticipate the “experience” that was waiting for me while I try and sell the old one.

Listing the laptop on the classifieds is indeed an easy one. Perhaps the only easy experience. After that, there was a lull for maybe a couple of weeks.

I was starting to bother if I’ll never be able to sell my laptop at all – already the model was an old one and newer models were introduced every week, and on the top of that the old laptop was now not being used! I was worried if it will stop working altogether and invalidate my claim on the advert that the laptop was in perfect working condition.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks, I got a call from someone who saw my ad. By that time, I had already reduced the price twice. But I was happy that someone was showing interest in my old laptop, at last. So I spoke to him and he demanded an even lower amount than my asking price. I didn’t have any other option but to agree. Then we decided to meet on the weekend.

When I called on the weekend, he asked me to come to his area. Generally, buyers visit the seller’s place to collect the equipment, but in this case, maybe because I was desperate to sell, the buyer demanded that I visit him and I agreed.

His house was in an area that I rarely visit. So I spent a good couple of hours searching for the house and locating the address, in spite of generous help from Google Maps! Once I was there, the prospective buyer switched on the laptop and tested its working condition, performance, etc.

Obviously, the performance wasn’t top-notch. I am sure he already knew it as the model was an old one, but he still complained about the performance and demanded a lower price. What he asked was close to throw-away pricing, but since I had invested all the time, petrol and efforts just to come to his house which was across the city, I had no option but to sell it at the price demanded by him.

If he had refused, I was ready to even throw the laptop in a garbage dump on my way back. I simply did not want to waste any more time on it.

So that was my experience trying to sell a laptop through an online classifieds website. Tell me, do you want to go the same route, or do you want to finish it off faster and get on with more important work?

Have a look at the below video and decide for yourself –


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