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Philips sleep therapy solutions
Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder that is characterized by pauses in breathing, choking or snorting during that results in difficulties in sleeping. One of the reasons for sleep apnea is the excessive contraction of muscles in the neck region that makes it difficult for air to go to the lungs. Hence there will be interruptions of breathing during sleep. A common symptom is snoring during sleep, but not all snorers have sleep apnea.

If you find it difficult to sleep and you feel you may have sleep apnea, the best thing to do is to consult a Doctor. For suggestions and information on sleep apnea,  you can also call Philips toll-free call center no. at 1800-208-2882 or refer to this webpage. It seems Philips India has established over 500 sleep labs in association with leading sleep specialists across India and 45 of those labs are in Chennai.

Recently we happened to go to a press meet organized by Philips at GRT Grand Hotel, Chennai. Mr. Harish, Head of sleep & respiratory care at Philips and Dr. N Ramakrishnan, Director, Nithra Institute of Sleep Science spoke to journalists and bloggers on this topic.

They told us that people who have sleep apnea would feel tired and sleep-deprived. Hence, it will be difficult for them to carry out their normal tasks during the day. Besides, this ailment results in further complications for people with diabetics and other lifestyle diseases.



Philips Sleep therapy solutions

philips sleep therapy solutions

Philips has developed products and solutions to tackle sleep apnea via their Dream Series sleep therapy portfolio to help patients from the stage of diagnosis to ongoing use and resupply. Their solutions include DreamStation therapy devices like Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy device, complimentary DreamWear mask line, and engagement tools like the DreamMapper app. You can get more information about Philips sleep therapy portfolio from here.

Philips sleep therapy solutions


The above-mentioned medical devices by Philips are not OTC (Over the Counter) as you’ll need the guidance of a doctor to recommend if you need any of these, which ones, and how to use.


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