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Skola (Educational) Toys Meet @ Chennai

Skola Toys based in Bangalore India specializes in making educational toys for kids in the age-group of 1 – 7 years. Recently, we, a bunch of bloggers were invited for a meet at The Park, Chennai and this post summarizes our observations.

Skola is a part of Kido Enterprises which has been developing and promoting the Kreedo pre-school curriculum for more than two decades now. Now they have decided to sell educational toys to consumers also via and offline retail shops.

During the meet, we had an opportunity to discuss the importance of discovery over dictation. It’s common to find a lot of emphasis on “dictation” way of teaching where kids are required to do exactly as what is told to them.

However, most of the participants, including me, felt that discovery method of learning too should be incorporated at schools where students learn by themselves via their own experiences, often by making mistakes. I think the discovery method of teaching is essential to make kids globally competitive, and Skola range of educational toys enable the same.

Skola currently makes educational toys pertaining to the following categories: Dexterity (Fine Motor), Environment (Colours, Geometry, Motion), Numbers (Counting, Arithmetic), Language (Alphabet, Words), Cognition (Patterns).

I’ve made a short slideshow video with a few toys that were exhibited during the above-mentioned meet. Have a look at the below-embedded short video to get an idea of the type of toys made by Skola. Also, do visit their website for more information and online purchase of toys that aid in learning.



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