Philips Launches ICU@Home Service in Chennai

Philips has launched its ICU@Home service in Chennai, as a part of its Healthcare@Home services.

According to their website,

“Philips Healthcare@home delivers high-quality care at home for patients who are no longer in the critical phase of their illness but need intensive care services and close monitoring. Providing expert care at home helps patients transition from the hospital to home environment and recover faster. It is also more cost-effective than a traditional ICU (Intensive Care Unit) services.”

Philips ICU@Home launched in Chennai

I went to the press meet organized by Philips in connection with their ICU@Home launch in Chennai. The company officials told us that this service creates an ICU-environment at home with devices/healthcare professionals, etc. for patients who are out of the critical stage but still need to be in the ICU for an elongated period of time – sometimes stretching to a few months.

Basically, the ICU equipment and healthcare personnel services are leased out to customers on a per-day basis, similar to what they would expect to pay at a hospital, but when compared to leading hospitals this service reduces the cost by about 30-40%, according to the company officials.

Besides, they told us that there is no hassle of booking & traveling to hospitals, no risk of hospital-acquired infections/non-availability of hospital rooms, and no sleep-cycle disturbance – common in an ICU with lights switched on and medical professionals moving around all the time.

The best part, of course, is patient’s comfort of being at their own home among their family members. This enables them to recover faster, according to company officials.

This service, according to them, is not a replacement for hospitals or primary physicians (doctors). Although Philips offers its own healthcare personnel, monitoring systems and equipment, patients still need to be under the observation/care of their primary physician.

Of course, it’s important to assess the feasibility (space/power requirements, etc.) and set up the equipment at home which the company will do prior to the arrival of the patients to their home.

Depending on the services & equipment that may be required, Philips has three different packages and pricing: Critical, Step-down & Supportive.

For further information contact Philips Healthcare@Home via Phone: 1800-419-7979 or WhatsApp: 9599226294 or visit their website.



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