Rolls Royce Phantom Launches in Chennai

The world’s most expensive car, Rolls Royce Phantom, was recently launched at Taj Coromandel, Chennai, India. The two versions of this car are priced at 9.5 Crores & 11.5 Crores, for the standard wheelbase and extended wheelbase – respectively.

I was invited to the launch event and managed to create a video out of a few pictures I clicked there. See the below-embedded video to take a closer look at this stunning car,


What makes this car the most expensive car in the world? Here are some pointers –

  • Rolls Royce has been the preferred choice for the rich right from 1925 when the first version was launched. In India, various Maharajas including the Maharaja of Mysore and Nizam of Hyderabad owned more than a dozen of these.
  • Across the world, Rolls Royce patrons include – Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga, David & Victoria Beckham, Aga Khan, Elton John, Sultan of Brunei, Prince Talal of Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • This version features a lighter, but 30% stronger all-aluminum spaceframe considered to be the architecture of luxury.
  • Four corner air suspension system and a stereo camera that sees the road ahead and adjusts the suspension proactively – makes you feel like floating even on bumpy roads.
  • 130-Kg of sound insulation – you can’t hear the engine, it’s so quiet.
  • 0-100 K.M. in just 5.4 seconds with the help of 8-speed satellite-aided transmission. This, for a car that weighs over 2.5 Tonnes.
  • Headlights equipped with laser lights that provide over 600m of range – you can light an entire airplane runway by switching on this car’s headlights.
  • Doors close automatically from the exterior by the touch of a button on the handle.
  • More than 1000 laser lights on the top surface to give the appearance of a star-lit sky from inside.
  • The best, luxurious, and customizable materials on the interiors to make the sitting experience similar to or better than a lounge.
  • ‘The gallery’ lets its patrons present commissioned artwork right on the dashboard, a variety of art choices already being available along with the car including a specially designed exquisite clock.
  • Each Phantom is custom-designed. For instance, customers have the choice of 44,000 colours for the exterior alone.

Here is another beautiful video that shows a few different colours, gallery & interior options available with the Rolls Royce Phantom –




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