Annanagar Tower: Authorities to allow Public to Walk up?

annanagar tower park 2018

I was at the Annanagar Tower recently. People there gave me the news that the authorities maintaining the tower park maybe planning to allow the public to walk up/climb the 12-story tower and enjoy the view from the top, in the near future. Currently, people are not allowed to climb up.

It seems a budget has been allocated to cover the open areas on the top with nets or other materials so that people cannot fall off accidentally or otherwise. This is, however, unconfirmed news but the people in the knowing in and around the park are quite confident about it.

I wish this news is true and I am able to climb up the tower and enjoy the view all over again. I have many fond memories of walking up to the top of the tower and sprinting down when I was young!

Authorities: High time you open up the tower to the public and maybe install boating also, like how you did many many years back. People, support me by commenting below. Let’s hope someone from the management council will go through this post and comments.



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