Record: Portrait of Vasavi Matha using 2 Lakh Seed Balls! (Vasavi Vanitha Trichy)

Vasavi Clubs District V503A recently created a record by making a picture of God Vasavi Devi matha using One Lakh Eighty-Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty-Five (1,88,555) SEED BALLS. These were made primarily with clay but contained one seed of a tree, each.

This feat was achieved at Trichy by 280 Vanitha Club women members who worked for one-and-a-half days preparing the clay balls, colouring them, and arranging them along the outline figure of the Goddess. This feat has been certified by Thamizhan Record, India Book of Records and Elite World Record. It was also covered in ‘Vinnai Thodu‘ programme in Kalaignar TV.

You can watch the photos of this feat in the above-embedded FB post. These seeds were then handed over to the Forest Department for planting in the forests. They hope at least one-lakh new trees would grow from them and make the region greener.



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